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Building and using cryptographic libraries is notoriously difficult. Even when each component of the system has been implemented correctly (quite difficult to do), improperly combining these pieces can lead to disastrous results.

Cryptography, when rolled right, forms the bedrock of any secure application. By combining cutting-edge mathematics and disciplined software engineering, modern crypto-systems guarantee data and communication privacy. Navigating these subtleties requires experts in both cryptography software engineering and the underlying mathematics. That’s where we can help.

How we can help

Trail of Bits has released tooling and services that demonstrate our talents in diverse areas including binary lifting, symbolic execution, static analysis, and architectural side channels. As our team has grown, we’ve expanded our expertise to include cryptography. (See our recent writings about elliptic curve implementation errors in Bluetooth, post-quantum algorithms, RSA fault analysis, and verifiable delay functions for a taste.) We’d like to share that expertise more effectively, so today we’re announcing a new cryptographic services practice to augment our existing offerings.

Our ambition is to improve the cryptography ecosystem for everyone. Misuse resistant constructions (both cryptographically and via API design), rigorously tested low-level implementations, and safer languages are all prerequisites for a secure future. We will be deeply involved in each of these efforts. We’ll be publishing a variety of tools, safe cryptographic constructions we are calling recipes, and a steady supply of blog posts to contribute to the field.

Who’s behind our cryptographic services practice

  • Paul Kehrer, a principal engineer at Trail of Bits, leads the cryptographic services practice and specializes in cryptographic engineering. He has spent his career writing cryptographic software, including a publicly trusted certification authority’s technical infrastructure, key management services for a cloud provider, and contributing to open source cryptographic libraries. Paul is one of the founding members of the Python Cryptographic Authority.
  • JP Smith, a security engineer at Trail of Bits, focuses on program analysis and cryptanalysis. He is the winner of the 2017 underhanded crypto contest and works on a mix of research, engineering, and assurance on technologies ranging from compilers to blockchains. He received a degree in mathematics at UIUC where he also led the security club/CTF team and researched symbolic execution and binary translation.
  • Ben Perez, a security engineer at Trail of Bits, specializes in blockchain security and cryptography. He received a masters degree in computer science from UC San Diego where he focused on post-quantum cryptography and machine learning. Prior to joining the team at Trail of Bits, he worked on binary analysis tools at Galois, the Quorum blockchain at JP Morgan, and published research in pure mathematics.

Get in touch

Whether you’re just trying to confirm that you’re using elliptic curves correctly or developing a novel crypto-system from scratch, we want to work with you. We are especially suited to help design and implement novel cryptographic constructions, review proposed schemes for soundness, and build tools to detect implementation errors in your environment.

If your company needs our deep expertise, then get in touch today.

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