Securing Ethereum at Empire Hacking

If you’re building real applications with blockchain technology and are worried about security, consider this meetup essential. Join us on December 12th for a special edition of Empire Hacking focused entirely on the security of Ethereum.

Why attend?

Four blockchain security experts will be sharing how to write secure smart contracts, and hack them. Two speakers come from our team.

We’ve become one of the industry’s most trusted providers of audits, tools, and best practices for securing smart contracts and their adjacent technologies. We’ve secured token launches, decentralized apps, and entire blockchain platforms. As with past Empire Hacking events, we’re excited to share the way forward with the development community.

Who will be speaking?

  • Sophia D’Antoine of Trail of Bits will discuss Solidity and Ethereum challenges in recent CTF competitions and the tools required to exploit them.
  • John Maurelian of Consensys Diligence will discuss his highlights from Devcon3 about the latest developments in Ethereum security.
  • Mark Mossberg will be sharing how Trail of Bits finds bugs in EVM bytecode with our symbolic execution engine, Manticore.
  • Paul Makowski will share his upcoming security-focused Ethereum token, PolySwarm, which uses blockchain technology to address deficiencies in the threat intelligence industry.
  • Amber Baldet and Brian Schroeder of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance will discuss the threat modeling, confidential transactions, and zero-knowledge proofs that went into the Quorum blockchain.

When and where?

We’ll be meeting December 12th at 6pm. This month’s meetup will take place at the DataDog offices in the New York Times building. RSVP is required. As per usual, light food and beer will be served.

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