Our team is growing

We’ve added five more to our ranks in the last two months, bringing our total size to 32 employees. Their resumes feature words and acronyms like ‘CTO,’ ‘Co-founder’ and ‘Editor.’ You might recognize their names from publications and presentations that advance the field.

We’re excited to offer them a place where they can dig deeper into security research.

Please help us welcome Mike Myers, Chris Evans, Evan Teitelman, Evan Sultanik, and Alessandro Gario to Trail of Bits!

Mike Myers

Leads our L.A. office (of one). Mike brings 15 years of experience in embedded software development, exploitation, malware analysis, code audits, threat modeling, and reverse engineering. Prior to joining Trail of Bits, Mike was CTO at a small security firm that specializes in cyber security research for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Before that, as Principal Security Researcher at Crucial Security (acquired by Harris Corporation), he was the most senior engineer in a division providing cyber capabilities and on-site operations support. Mike contributed the Forensics chapter of the CTF Field Guide, and co-authored “Exploiting Weak Shellcode Hashes to Thwart Module Discovery” in POC || GTFO. He’s NOP certified.

Chris Evans

Chris’s background is in operating systems and software development, but he’s also interested in vulnerability research, reverse engineering and security tooling. Prior to joining Trail of Bits, Chris architected the toolchain and core functionality of a host-based embedded defense platform, reversed and exploited ARM TrustZone secure boot vulnerabilities, and recovered data out of a GPIO peripheral with Van Eck phreaking. Chris has experience in traditional frontend and backend development through work at Mic and Foursquare. He activates Vim key binding mode more frequently than could possibly be warranted.

Evan Teitelman

After solving the world’s largest case of lottery fraud, Evan spent the last year leading code audits for over a dozen state lotteries, including their random number generators (RNGs). Prior to that, Evan focused on security tooling for the Android Kernel and SELinux as a vulnerability researcher with Raytheon SI. Also, he brings experience as a circuit board designer and embedded programmer. He founded BlackArch Linux. In his free time he enjoys hiking and climbing in Seattle, Washington.

Evan Sultanik

A computer scientist with extensive experience in both industry and academia, Evan is particularly interested in computer security, AI/ML/NLP, combinatorial optimization, and distributed systems. Evan is an editor and frequent contributor to PoC || GTFO, a journal of offensive security and reverse engineering that follows in the tradition of Phrack and Uninformed. Prior to Trail of Bits, Evan was the Chief Scientist for a small security firm that specializes in providing cyber security research to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Drexel University, where he still occasionally moonlights as an adjunct faculty member. A Pennsylvania native, Evan contributes time to Code for Philly and has published research on zoning density changes in Philadelphia over the last five years.

Alessandro Gario

Hailing out of Italy, Alessandro brings ten years of systems software development experience to the team. Prior to Trail of Bits, he worked on building and optimizing networked storage systems and reverse engineering file formats. In his free time, he enjoys playing CTFs and reverse engineering video games. Alessandro’s mustache has made him a local celebrity. He is our second European employee.

We are very excited for the contributions these people will make to the discipline of information security. If their areas of expertise overlap with the challenges your organization faces, please contact us for help.

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