McSema is Officially Open Source!

We are proud to announce that McSema is now open source! McSema is a framework for analyzing and transforming machine-code programs to LLVM bitcode. It supports translation of x86 machine code, including integer, floating point, and SSE instructions. We previously covered some features of McSema in an earlier blog post and in our talk at ReCON 2014.

Our talk at ReCON where we first described McSema

Build instructions and demos are available in the repository and we encourage you to try them on your own. We have created a mailing list,, dedicated to McSema development and usage. Questions about licensing or integrating McSema into your commercial project may be directed to

McSema is permissively licensed under a three-clause BSD license. Some code and utilities we incorporate (e.g. Intel PIN for semantics testing) have their own licenses and need to be downloaded separately.

Finally, we would like to thank DARPA for their sponsorship of McSema development and their continued support. This project would not have been possible without them.

7 thoughts on “McSema is Officially Open Source!

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