Trail of Bits Adds Mobile Security Researcher Nicholas DePetrillo to Growing Team

New York, NY (July 15th, 2014)—Veteran computer security researcher Nicholas DePetrillo has joined Trail of Bits, the New York-based security company, as Principal Security Researcher. Trail of Bits Co-founder and CEO Dan Guido announced the hire today. DePetrillo brings the headcount of the firm, which was founded by a team of three in 2012, to 13 employees.

DePetrillo brings more than ten years of security research experience to Trail of Bits, most notably in the area of mobile security. DePetrillo is widely regarded as one of the industry’s foremost experts in the field, attracting considerable attention for his discovery of significant security flaws that impact the privacy of millions of smartphone users and wireless network customers. He has worked on research throughout the entire mobile phone technology stack including cell phone network infrastructure, baseband radio security research and at the application and operating system level.

“Having Nick on our team opens up tremendous new opportunities for us and for the companies we work with,” said Guido. “Mobile security is one of the most important issues our industry is facing, and Nick’s work provides great insight into how mobile attackers think and work, which is key to developing solutions to protect these devices.”

Among DePetrillo’s first projects with Trail of Bits is the development of secure mobile technologies for use in next-generation smartphones.

Prior to joining Trail of Bits, DePetrillo was an independent consultant specializing in mobile security research services. He was also a Senior Security Researcher at Harris Corporation, focusing on mobile and wireless platforms. DePetrillo is a frequent lecturer, and has presented his work at BlackHat and other security conferences around the world.

About Trail of Bits
Founded in 2012, Trail of Bits enables enterprises to make better strategic security decisions with its world-class experience in security research, red teaming and incident response. The Trail of Bits management team is comprised of some of the most recognized researchers in the security industry, renowned for their expertise in reverse engineering, novel exploit techniques and mobile security. Trail of Bits has collaborated extensively with DARPA on the agency’s acclaimed Cyber Fast Track, Cyber Grand Challenge and Cyber Stakes programs. In 2014, the company launched its first enterprise product, Javelin, which simulates attacks to help companies measure and refine their security posture.

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