iOS 4 Security Evaluation

This year’s BlackHat USA was the 12th year in a row that I’ve attended and the 6th year in a row that I’ve participated in as a presenter, trainer, and/or co-organizer/host of the Pwnie Awards. And I made this year my busiest yet by delivering four days of training, a presentation, the Pwnie Awards, and participating on a panel. Not only does that mean that I slip into a coma after BlackHat, it also means that I win at conference bingo.

Reading my excuses for the delay in posting my slides and whitepaper, however, is not why you are reading this blog post. It is to find the link to download said slides and whitepaper:

3 thoughts on “iOS 4 Security Evaluation

  1. Your talk was really good. Though i am experiencing strange things on my iphone 3GS with latest iOS 4.3.5 (non jailbreak) that seems to contradict some of the security measures enforced in IOS that you presented during your talk (e.g. Code signing) i have some cracked applications that can’t run (as soon as I open the app, it’s closed imediately) however, the interesting thing is the app seems to run in the background since i am still getting notification from them… Are you aware of that? How come non signed app can still send notification on genuine iOS?

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